In the late 1840s, an English archaeologist Austin Henry Layard was searching the Nineva, the capital of the ancient Assyrian Empire. He found it in the present-day Mosul, Iraq. There he excavated a palace and found a library buried under it. The library was built by King Ashurbanipal, who ruled this region around 669–631 BC.
It had more than 30000 clay tablets. Sir Layard left Iraq, but his Iraqi assistant Horuzd Rassam kept searching the site. There he found another palace and second library filled with clay tablets.

Many people don’t write much, or they do when they have to. I was one of them. Being a reader, I, many times, wanted to share what I feel. But I never took a step to start writing. Because no sooner I would start writing, I would want to run away. Now it’s a different case. A year ago, I started writing daily. When I reflect on that time and compare it with now, I found that many things have changed since then. I no longer feel pressurized by holding a pen or typing through the keyboard. My writing, though…

I have read many fictional books- from the most famous to those not many might have aware of them. The things that remained with me was not a story but its characters. There are a few characters I could not get over even after reading many years ago. I always mesmerize that how a writer can create such an extraordinary character by his/her imagination? And make them immortal in every sense that they could even motivate and impact the reader more.
Everyone character has a few flaws for sure, but it is more important how they overcome them. They not…

What I felt after completing this giant?

This was the book I wanted to read for a long time but kept it aside because of its page count, which was more than 1000. Then, at the beginning of the year 2021, I decided to take this up.

As soon as I began to understand the world of the story ‘War and Peace’, I was amazed. It turned out to be one of the finest fictions I have read.


What the book is all about?

It is a historical novel that spanned around many years and two French-Russian wars: Battle of Austerlitz, where French forces, led by Napoleon, defeated the combined forces of…

How did writing system evolve?

The writing was started either in a single unknown place or it started in many places independently as the excavations in Mesopotamia (the land between Euphrates and Tigris), China and Mesoamerica shows.

Early writing found in these places is unique to places they were found so it might be true that writing developed independently.

Writing also appeared in Indus Valley Civilization but it is yet to be deciphered.

Writing in the Mesopotamia is the only that can be traced back to its earliest form ie token system.

Writing developed in stages-

Tokens System: Around 7500…

Ever wondered how we can write everything we want to communicate? There are many scripts across the world by which we could express ourselves through writing. But how all those scripts originated? What was the first script ever developed in the human societies?

Writing is a representation of language on to some medium such as stone, clay, paper etc.

An ancient human out of necessities had always been trying to find a way to communicate better. …

Why I think everyone should read this series with a different approach so that he/she could learn from it.

Lord of the rings book series is very dear to me not only because it has the most beautiful and thrilling storyline. Certainly not only because of its amazing world that author JRR Tolkien created. It was because one of its character, Frodo.

Every character had a role to perform, from Gandalf who planned everything like a coach, to the lord of Rivendell who made all of them realized that the ring must be destroyed. From Merry, Strider, Pippin to Gollum and the soldiers who were important and helped Frodo to destroy the ring. …

A few years ago when I started reading books I could not concentrate for more than a few minutes. Yet I did not stop reading. Instead of turning off the books, I looked towards the easy read so that I did not feel lost. And soon I found that I was made for books. The only thing that I needed to find was the right books.

So, here I am posting the list of my five easy-read books which I read as a new reader.

1.The secret garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

It was a story of a 10-year-old girl…

‘The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich’ by William L. Shirer.

‘Reich’ is a German word which means ‘Empire’ and the third Reich was the name given to the Nazi regime by its leaders.

They did so because they considered their regime as the successor of the first and the Second Reich.

What this book is all about?

This book is about the rise and fall of Hitler and his party, Nazi. It covers Hitler’s ascension to the power and his twelve-year long reign that led the world as well as Germany to the most horrific war of the modern world, World War II and its fall.

Statistics suggest that the Nazi regime is accounted for 10–11…

New kingdom (1570–1069 BC)

This period is the most powerful and well recorded period of ancient Egypt and includes the 18th, 19th and the 20th dynasties. Now, In this period Egypt was going to be from a kingdom to an international power whose influence would reach beyond the Euphrates river, now in Iraq.

18th Dynasty: 18th dynasty and New kingdom started with the reunification of Egypt under the Ahmose I who defeated Hyksos, foreign rulers, so thoroughly from the Egyptian land and send them back to Syria and Palestine.

He then retook the Nubian territory from the Kush rulers in the south and completed…

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